Los Angeles Times ¦ Comic books bring artistry, imagination and a tactile experience into a digital age (2017)

“Glynnes Pruett was raised on comic books. When she was a child, her father would take her and her siblings to various trade shows, conventions and swap meets to sell the books as a hobby. ‘I learned to read with comics,’ said the 29-year-old owner and founder of Comic Book Hideout in Fullerton. ‘I have grown up with them my whole life.'”


OC Weekly ¦ Comic Book Hideout Opens Its Own Music Studio This Saturday (2017)

Any comic book fan knows it’s common and sometimes necessary for a superhero or heroine to absorb new powers that make them twice as badass as they were before. That’s what seems to be going on with Fullerton’s Comic Book Hideout these days as they expand their vision as a store and take on a much louder role in the local music community.”


CBS Los Angeles ¦ Best Comic Book Stores In Orange County (2016)

“Comic Book Hideout is a unique hidden gem in the comic community. This small, unassuming shop is filled to the brim with laughter, experience, love and most of all, comics! Come by, find the family you never knew you had and fulfill all of your fantasy geek needs.”



Torch Magazine ¦ How to Get Hooked on Comics (2016)

“Comics are the only place that a person can judge a book by its cover, Pruett said. She suggested that people look for a comic with a cover that draws them in… The staff is there to help people find comics which they will love and answer questions.”


The Hornet ¦ Fullerton’s own Wonder Woman (2015)

“Although there have been strides toward more female representation, the comic book industry is male-dominated for the most part. Pruett however, has not only been holding her own in this business but leading the pack with the Best Comic Book Store in Orange County award from OC Weekly two years in a row.

‘To me, [being a female owner in the comic book industry] it’s only more inspiring and more encouraging, and it makes me want to kick more ass,’ Pruett said. ‘I’m going to do my part to make sure that we’re represented in a way that’s positive. All the chicks in the comic book industry have just as much right to be here, most of the time with more skill and ability to run great stores. So I feel like it shouldn’t be uncommon, but because it is, it only gives me more incentive to be the best.’


Bleeding Cool ¦ Dan Fraga’s Largest Piece of Art Covers a Comic Shop (2015)

There is a comic book shop in Fullerton, California that has original art up in the window… or more specifically on the window. The Comic Book Hideout got artist Dan Fraga to draw on the front of their store. Fraga took pictures and posted them to his Facebook pages as this being the largest thing he’s ever drawn. Fraga has worked on Spider-Man, Wolverine and Bloodstrike as well as on the Ricky Gervais show where he directed seasons two and three.


Daily Titan ¦ Comic Book Hideout illustrates that comics are for everyone (2015)

“Pruett, a 28-year-old Cal State Fullerton graduate, has been a comic book vendor for more than 20 years, beginning as a child selling comics with her dad at trade shows. Her deep-rooted knowledge of the business has allowed Pruett to create a shop catering to a demographic that goes beyond the stereotypical ‘geek.’

‘I wanted to create a place where cool, normal people can come and buy comic books,’ Pruett said. ‘If you’re creating a retail store, you want people to want to be around and want to be there, and a lot of comic book stores don’t get that.'”


CBS Los Angeles ¦ OC’s Best Comic Book Stores (2014)

“Embracing much more of the communal, artistic facets of the comic book contingent, owner Glynnes Pruett has indeed created a sanctuary of sorts with the Comic Book Hideout. Providing a platform for local artists to showcase their work, weekly game nights that range from dice to cards, and a proper collection of rarities that are sure to leave the connoisseur fawning, the Hideout is the kind of place that appeals to both the snobs and the newbies in an incredibly inviting way. With north of 19,000 issues in stock, you’re gonna find what you are looking for, and probably something you weren’t even expecting to find.”


OC Weekly ¦ Punk Rock Alive & Well at Fullerton’s Comic Book Hideout (2014)

“People who want to experience punk rock do not have to pay inflated ticket prices to see Green Day at a huge arena. In fact, half of the experience of punk rock is in its feeling of a community, and this cannot translate to a stadium full of people unless they are all zombies (rich ones at that). For $2 a head, Glynnes Pruett, proprietor of Comic Book Hideout, showed Fullerton that punk rock is alive and well; you just have to know where to look.”


Alignable ¦ Member Story: Glynnes Pruett, Comic Book Hideout, Fullerton, California (2014)

“[Glynnes:] ‘I have a deep knowledge and love for the geekily inclined. It’s such an interesting and diverse gathering of people of all different backgrounds who share admiration for something so seemingly simple. Comics are commonly interpreted as silly things for kids and nerds, but in actuality can hold beautiful and sincere messages about the human condition and can have deep storytelling merit. Like these comics, the Hideout is more than meets the eye!'”


OC Weekly ¦ Best of OC 2013: Best Comic Book Store (2013)

“Glynnes Pruett has created the perfect clubhouse for nerds, and we mean that in the best possible way. Among comic books and related collectibles, you’ll find people just hanging out as Pruett’s black cat, Pavlova, roams through the shop… The vibe is friendly and cool, as she and her crew share tips, locate issues among their packed-tight stock, and offer suggestions to newbies and those just looking for something new.”


Fullerton Foundry ¦ Comic Book Hideout Grand Re-Opening (2013)

“Comic Book Hideout’s Grand Re-Opening yesterday at their new location (just a stone’s throw from Fullerton’s Civic Center) attracted a throng of geeks, nerds, gamers, fanboys, art lovers and fun makers… This particular venture has been a long-standing dream of the vivacious 25-year-old Fullerton resident. Her extensive knowledge of comic books and the rapidly growing comic book culture — as well as a propensity for “vintage arcane weirdness” —  creates an easy-going atmosphere in the shop, making it more welcoming as a clubhouse rather than strictly as a commercial establishment. In fact, don’t be surprised if you spy Pruett’s cat lounging about nonchalantly on a sofa or Pruett herself navigating the aisles, weaving in and out on her roller skates.”


Kimco Reality Blog ¦ Getting down to funny business (2012) +Podcast

“Glynnes Pruett has been selling comic books with her dad at industry trade shows since she was six. They imagined having their own comic book store one day, and often talked about what it would be like, what they’d sell, and who would come enjoy their comics.

That childhood dream is now a reality for the 25-year-old comic book maven. Glynnes has brought a fresh face to the graphic novel world with last month’s opening of her new store, Comic Book Hideout.”


Inside Fullerton ¦ Review

“The owner of Comic Book Hideout, Glynnes Pruett, gave me a tour as she explained that her store has, ‘Cool weird stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.’ The store is definitely packed wall to wall with comic merchandise… They have over 15,000 back issues in stock and with 19 years in the industry, Glynnes can answer any question you may have.”